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Bachelor of Fashion (Design)(Honours)




Madeline Matthews is a vibrant young designer based in Melbourne but constantly drawing influence from her experiences living in South-East Asia and America. In particular, these experiences have inspired her to constantly look for new ways to express fashion and her individual style in a manner that is cross-cultural allowing it to be enjoyed by an international audience. Upon Graduating from the Bachelor of Fashion (Design)(Honours) at RMIT, Ultimately, she would love to produce her own brand that is marketable to diverse audiences across continents, in a manner that is sustainable and distinctive to her personal aesthetic. She strongly believes that the future of fashion lies in clothing being retailed in the country it is made in to reduce environmental impacts. With an innovative approach to design, she hopes to keep heavy emphasis on alternative materials while experimenting with texture and colour.  She hopes to use this passion to further her environmental goals by working in recyclable materials and offering an alternative to mass-produced products.